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What We Do


The Amaze Event Specialists

From Wedding Functions to Birthday Parties or Corporate Events to Musical Functions, We offer full range of Events Management Services that scale to your needs & budget.


This is the first thing your guests would notice once they arrive at the function venue.


Yet another significant aspect when it comes to weddings and events. Hassle free and timely transportation not only for you but for all your guests is what logistics is all about. For multiple venues, logistics becomes even more crucial.

Venue Selection

It includes venue selection and management. This is the first step towards planning any event. We have arranged weddings and events in a variety of wedding venues in india.


Once the Venue is finalized, comes another important aspect of letting guests know about the wedding or event by sending them an invitation. We have worked with some of the top Invitation Designers and Vendors in the country.


Then comes yet another important aspect designing the wedding/ event in detail. If it�s a wedding then a detailed day-to-day flow of functions and if it�s a one day event then a detailed show flow is a must.

Photos & Videos

We have planned extravagant celebrations for you and it would be incomplete without capturing the right moments. After all weddings these days is about elaborate get-togethers and it is important to capture every moment with the near and dear ones.


This aspect is very important when it comes to elaborate weddings and events. Guests take time off from their busy schedule to be a part of your special day and thus taking care of their needs becomes important. That�s exactly when hospitality comes into the picture.


A number of activities and entertainment acts could be planned to tempt your guests. It could be a musical evening or an act by a comedian or special dance troupes or regional folk artists, a series of enticing events can be planned across the 2-3 day grand wedding affair.


We also cater to special services like trousseau and gift packing services for your special day. We feel it is important to make beautiful bridal lehenga, customized designer jewellery and gifts for your guests to be artistically presented. We have a lot of ideas and designs to pack the trousseau in baskets or thaals or boxes and all this can also be customized as per the theme.

With a full range of Event Planning Services, our Clients have Successful & Prosperous Events!

We make your events smart & impactful by personalised event management services.

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